Warming Wine is a reporting project created to bring together two interests – the DCIM100GOPROeffects of climate change and North American pinot noir – into one epic wine harvest road trip. From mid-September to mid-October in 2014, I visited with winemakers and scientists from Santa Rosa, CA to the Chehalem mountains atop Oregon’s Willamette Valley to British Columbia’s up-and-coming Okanagan Valley, tracing a path that, if grapes could fly, Pinot Noir might one day use as a migratory escape route. In the days leading up to Christmas, Slate.com is publishing my first story based on the trip, and I created this travel blog so I could share additional information, photos and future pieces, including a series of short winemaker profiles featuring their thoughts about climate change and the challenges facing winemakers. I hope you’ll subscribe with your email address so I can let you know when new material goes up on the site.

A special word of thanks to Adam Lee, Siduri Wines winemaker and pinot noir oracle, who was literally the first person I called; to Chehalem’s Harry Peterson-Nedry, who was so generous in sharing his deep understanding of the effects of climate change on winemaking; and to Greg Jones, a research climatologist at the University of Southern Oregon.


Carrie Miller is a freelance writer and investigative reporter who lives in Chicago. She tweets sporadically @chijourno

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